Decorate Your Tree Like A Pro this Christmas


Deck the halls and light up the trees because decorating for Christmas is no amateur's game. If you have been counting down the days until Christmas since August and can’t wait to decorate, impress your guests by decorating your tree to look like the displays and your home like Christmas wonderland. One easy yet crucial way is by tucking your ornaments deeper into the tree but wait.... There’s more.

Decorating your home for Christmas is the ideal way to get into the holiday spirit. The key to appreciating the joy of your Christmas décor is at its focal point - your Christmas tree. Some of the most memorable moments and lasting traditions are found surrounding a Christmas tree.

Have you ever looked at some Christmas tree displays and felt envious of their perfection? With the tree being a key statement in Christmas décor, we are choosing to focus on ways to decorate your tree like a professional would. What better way is there to fill a home with cheer and exude the Christmas spirit than with a Christmas tree that looks like it should be on display?

To accomplish such a task, you’ll need to consider your options for how to execute it.

Keep it Real, or Fake It Till' You Make it.

It’s an ongoing debate. Real versus fake. It’s no laughing matter. A person’s preference for a Christmas tree is typically set in stone. If you are still up in the air on the subject, consider your options before you become a PRO real or a PRO artificial Christmas tree.

It often boils down to the cost. Many Christmas tree buyers are swayed by the one-and-done deal of an artificial Christmas tree. Sure, an artificial Christmas tree costs more initially, but they can be reused for years to come, but a real Christmas tree must be repurchased yearly.

Another initial deal-breaker for real Christmas tree lovers is the fragrance. Real Christmas trees exude a fragrance like no other. Although there are air fresheners (along with candles) that can be attached to an artificial tree to mimic the fragrance, it may not be considered enough of a reason to convert a PRO real tree lover into an artificial tree buyer.

Whether you prefer a real or fake Christmas tree, their looks and smells can be accented to meet a person’s holiday needs. Christmas flower arrangements can be incorporated to frame your Christmas tree and add a delightful fragrance and style to the design.

Some people lean towards a poinsettia design, but others may prefer holiday styles that color coordinate with their tree’s aesthetic. Either way, this choice in Christmas tree designing helps fill in space at the bottom of a tree (this is great for artificial trees that are open at the bottom) and compliments an overall design. It is one step that can be added in to decorating for a more professional design.

Personalized Designs or Themed Trees

Whether your tree is solely based on a color scheme or an overall theme, you have creative freedom. However, the only way to capture that professional look is by preparing your design ahead of time.

Let the room in which your tree resides be your guide. Your designs may vary depending on the room it is in or the overall size you are working with. For the couple with lots of homemade decorations from several kiddos, don’t feel like you can’t spruce up this inspired look.

Let those handmade treasures spill over into the rest of the room. If your tree is living in your dining area, incorporate some of those designs into your place settings. Pair those handcrafted ornaments with some fun new ones. Be sure to layer ornaments into the tree. Larger ornaments and accents like ribbon and berries are best placed on the inside of the tree to fill in empty space. This allows smaller ones to live on the edge. This gives the illusion of a fuller and more “perfect” tree. If you are going personalized and meaningful, be sure to go all the way with some meaningful accents.

If your son loves trains, be sure to involve the track around the tree. Take a step further and incorporate it into the tree. Photos can also be incorporated into the overall design. It can’t get more personal than that. Christmas is about being grateful and appreciating the beautiful things in life. Your personalized tree should convey that. Personalized trees are often unique and will be nothing like a display tree. However, incorporating layers of ornaments and meaningful accents will draw the eye in just like a display does.

Finish off your personalized or themed trees with flower arrangements that match the tree’s attire. These arrangements could be used to frame or be that transitioning feature onto the table or living space that ties the room and design together.

Color Schemes for Your Tree(s)

There is a choice to be made - traditional or nontraditional. If you can’t make up your mind on one color scheme, consider incorporating mini trees into a variety of rooms. This way every room and every kiddo have a tree to design with a theme or with their handmade ornaments, and you get the main tree to decorate with your preferred color scheme. This allows you the opportunity to think outside of the box of traditional thinking with nontraditional aspects.

You may be surprised how much easier having several mini trees can be. It gives everyone the opportunity to get into the spirit of decorating, while leaving you the main tree to decorate to fit your home’s style. Everyone’s happy, and the main tree will be decorated “professionally.”

Light Up Your Christmas Tree Design

A preference for Christmas tree lights often varies among decorators. Some people prefer solid white streams of lights, yet others take a more traditional (red and green) approach. Regardless of your color preference for Christmas lights, the technique for lighting up your tree like a pro remains the same.

One easy tip for professional Christmas tree lighting is found in the cable you choose. Matching your lighting cables to your tree will help with the overall look. Choose white cables for a white tree and so on. Less is more except when it comes to lighting. Always get more lights than you think you’ll need. Nothing is worse than a dull Christmas tree.

Be sure to check your lights before hanging them. Make sure every bulb works. When you are stringing lights, turn them on, so you can get a better idea of where to place them and what they will look like. Focus on lighting in multiple places. Place lights on the inside of the tree and complement them with shiny ornaments. This will help give your tree a deeper and fuller look.

Don’t forget to give the bottom of the tree some love. If you skip out on lighting the bottom of the tree, it will make it feel dull and empty. Use LED lights to prevent overheating, so neither your flower arrangements nor your tree will be harmed. Everyone and every tree should get to enjoy the season to its fullest.

Complement your personal style with the right Christmas lights for a more beautiful and professional Christmas design.

Rocking (Around and Above) the Christmas Tree... with Décor

The Christmas tree is the focus for many traditions. Gifts are given as family gathers around it. Memories are made and shared in the home in which it lives. When personalizing a Christmas tree, it is important to incorporate those details. Family heirlooms and other personal décor can be evenly dispersed throughout the house to ensure holiday cheer wherever family is gathered.

Something old and something new- rock your Christmas tree with décor that makes a statement. The reason professional Christmas tree décor stands out is because of its detailed design approach.

Toppers are one of those details that are often overlooked, but they can make all the difference. Toppers can be as large or as small as you like. They can also be distinct and specific. One perfect topper for a snowy winter theme is Frosty’s top hat. It is a cute and whimsy style that helps tell a Christmas story. It adds in something creative for a more magical Christmas feel, while remaining an adorable contribution to Christmas design.

For a more natural look and feel, festive and natural foliage may be your guide. Pinecones and berries can be used to help deliver that woodsy feel. This design would go great with a rustic Christmas theme. Help tie in this look with personalized Christmas designs that surround the tree’s core. Let it help open the door for organic expression. Rock around the entire Christmas tree with a collection of natural Christmas décor.

Tree Fillers and Floral Flair

Flowers have meaning. Flowers own elegance, and flowers convey beauty. Flowers, foliage and other floral add ins are wonderful Christmas tree fillers. Fresh or silk flowers and other florals are used to add in soft texture and fill in open areas. Both large blooms and smaller sprays can be sorted throughout. Additionally, leaf bunches, berries and green ornaments can be used to complement.

Less is more in many cases. Sometimes it even applies to Christmas décor. Monochromatic style can be used to create a clean Christmas theme. Tree fillers and floral accents can be found in the shades that fit your style. Talk with your local florist about your options, but be sure to order early, so your choices aren’t limited.

Our team of florists at Market Way Flowers and Gifts in Buckingham, PA are here to help answer any of your questions. To learn how to make your Christmas tree look like the displays and your home look as festive as your heart desires, be sure to follow these steps.

Your home is your canvas when it comes to Christmas decorating. Be willing to try new things. Take Christmas tree decoration to the next level with these Christmas tree decorating tips. Make your home and your Christmas tree(s) look like they were decorated by the professionals. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, after all.

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