Best Anniversary Flowers to Gift and Their Meaning

Picking the perfect anniversary flower bouquet for a loved one can be a tricky endeavor, especially if you are not an expert about flowers. According to the tradition, there is a flower for each anniversary, which is something you could already consider if in doubt.

However, each flower has a particular meaning and, when styled with others, can give life to a beautiful bouquet that will leave anybody speechless. To guide you in this important choice, here are some anniversary flowers and their meanings.


How to Pick the Best Anniversary Flowers

With such an amazing choice, picking the right anniversary flowers might not be easy. But, before you start feeling overwhelmed by the range of options, consider the three factors below.

Think About Seasonality

When planning for the perfect anniversary gifts, it is crucial to keep in mind what is in season during that specific time of the year. Luckily, you can always know when your anniversary is and plan accordingly! Seasonal flowers usually boast colors that fit best with the season’s mood, and they are not as likely to go off within short time frames.

Don’t Forget About Personal Preferences

If your loved one already knows what flowers they love - and they are in season - your choice might just be much easier. Indeed, you can settle for the flowers they love and enrich the bouquet with other meaningful varieties. For a richer gift, you can also couple up your flower bouquet with gift baskets or cards.

Think About the Flowers’ Meaning

If you are still unsure, the meaning of each flower can guide you in the choice. Indeed, when perfectly arranged, the flower bouquet you have chosen can help you convey a message of love, loyalty, appreciation, or affection. Check out the meaning of the most common anniversary flower types below.

Anniversary Flowers and Their Meaning

Depending on seasonality and personal preference, speaking to a florist is the best way to get valuable insights before composing your own bouquet. However, as a starting point, you might use this brief list below and get an understanding of the best varieties to include in your gift.

Red Roses

If you could pick a flower to be the expression of love and devotion, that would be a red rose. Due to its deep meaning, red roses have been used as a symbol of love for thousands of years, visible proof of literature and history.

Simply, the meaning of red roses is pure romantic love - something that has not changed through the years, unlike the meaning of many other flowers that adapt depending on culture and society. Depending on the shade of red, red roses might convey deeper emotions and devotion.


Asters are a common gift on a 20th wedding anniversary, and they bloom in late summer or fall. Their meaning has changed through the years: in ancient times, the perfume of these flowers was believed to send away evil spirits. Today, Asters are a common anniversary flower, gifted as a talisman of love, patience, and long-lasting affection.


Daffodils are also among the best anniversary flowers, though often they are gifted on the occasion of the tenth anniversary. Their color and dynamicity convey exactly the message you would expect - joyfulness, happiness, and cheerfulness.


Geraniums are the flowers often gifted on a fourth wedding anniversary, and they symbolize the union of two people that come together in body, soul, and mind. These are common during this stage of the marriage because they indicate that both people have taken the roles they will cover in their lives - and they are stable and happy in it.

Calla Lily

Calla lilies are beautiful white flowers often used in bridal bouquets. They are well-known to be hardy and extremely resilient flowers that can survive the frost. This flower symbolizes the beauty of a couple and the love that connects them - becoming a symbol exchanged on the 6th wedding anniversary.


Roses are common flowers all around, but they are especially important when gifted on the occasion of the 50th anniversary. In particular, yellow roses are here coupled up with violets - now meaning beauty and prosperity, as well as humility and commitment.


Lilies are the 30th-anniversary flower and means devotion. A 30th anniversary is perfect for gifting these flowers as they represent long-lasting love and commitment - a good auspice for the marriage!

How Can an Expert Florist Help?

When arranging a flower bouquet for something so important as an anniversary, you should not hesitate to ask for the help and guidance of an expert florist. These professionals truly understand the meaning of each variety, which allows you to make a more informed choice regarding the bouquet you are about to gift to the most important person in your life.

A florist will also be able to recommend the right combinations of flowers, as well as the varieties that tend to look fresh and beautiful for longer in each season. Stop in or browse our online shop, we specialize in flower arrangements and bouquets as well as gifts for any occasion, including anniversary flowers and gifts. Market Way Flowers and Gifts serves our local Buckingham, PA community with all your flower and gift-giving needs!

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