Designing a Mothers Day Bouquet

When Mother’s Day is coming up, it’s always nice to be thinking about the different ways that you can spoil your beloved mom! It’s great to be able to show your mum that you love her and do something nice for her too. A classic gift to get here is a Mother’s Day bouquet of beautiful flowers.


But when it comes to Mother's Day Flowers, where do you start? If you’re wondering how to design a Mother's Day Bouquet, you’ve arrived at the right place. We’re going to walk you through a few key points around designing your bouquet and what to consider.

Types of Vases to Consider

To start with, you might want to think about the type of vases that you want to consider for this. Do you know what styles your mom has? Because when you’re looking at Mother's Day arrangements, you’ll want to know that they’re going to be able to fit with what she has.

Or, you might want to think about the styles of vases that you can order with your bouquet. If you’re not entirely sure what your mother has around the home, ask to have a vase picked out too. That way, you won’t have to worry about your chosen Mother's Day Bouquet, fitting in with what she already has.

The Best Spring Flowers to Include

At this time of the year, it’s nice to think about the different seasonal flowers that you can work with. And it’s always good to go with the best flowers to use in the spring to mark the occasion too.

If you’re looking for a very spring-like bouquet to give, it’s nice to use some of the classics. Lilies, tulips and daisies are all great options here. Choosing bright and fresh colors can also help your bouquets to look like a slice of spring has been delivered.

Of course, if your mum has her preferred style of flowers or set colors that she loves, then it’s also a great idea to go with these options too.

Decorative Leaves & Palms

Then there’s also the idea of working in some leaves and palms into your bouquet. When it comes to Mother's Day arrangements, you may find that you sometimes like to work in something a bit different.

Flowers are always going to be a great choice, but you might also want to think about different greenery you can add. You can also work with palms to really set your bouquet off. It might be nice to chat to the florist and see if there is a custom design that you can have made to fit your specifications.

How to Accessorize Your Bouquet

At the same time, you could also think about different ways to accessories your Mother's Day bouquet. Alongside the flowers and greenery, you might want to choose some pretty ribbons or bows to go along with it.

When you’re designing a gorgeous bouquet especially for your mum, it’s nice to really think about setting it off. Whatever her favorite color may be, you can make that work. With a fancy bow on the front or some gorgeous detailed ribbon, it will make the bouquet look and feel extra special.

How to Keep Your Bouquet Fresh

You may also want to know how you can make your Mother's Day flowers last for as long as possible. It’s nice to know that after carefully selecting a bouquet that you think your mom will love, she’ll get to enjoy them. So, it’s important to know how you can make your Mother’s Day arrangement last.

Here are some tips to help you;


  • Unwrap the flowers carefully



  • Think about using some flower feed and put that into the vase with water.



  • Now you’ll want to cut the stems of the flowers at a diagonal angle, taking about an inch off of the bottom.



  • Remove any of the leaves that will be below the water to keep the water fresh and the bouquet beautiful.



  • Make sure that you’re not storing them in direct sunlight or too close to a breeze. Your flowers can then start to bloom.



  • Then, add some fresh water every other day. If the water looks murky around day 5-6, change it and then check over the petals and leaves to keep the bouquet looking fresh.


Are you looking for a Mother’s Day bouquet? If you’re looking to create a stunning design for your mother, simply choose the flowers that she loves the most and let us produce something spectacular. Reach out to us today for your custom orders.

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