Gifts for Untraditional Moms for Mother's Day


Moms come in all forms. They are all unique to each family, as they fill many roles in a person’s day-to-day life. They are a safety net for many and deserve so much recognition. Whether you are a child looking to celebrate your foster mom, adopted mother or any other “untraditional” mother in your life, these gifts are exactly what you should be looking for this Mother’s Day.

For the Foster Mom

A foster mother is a unique type of mother. She has to be selfless as she cares for a child in need. Although they are not her biological children, foster mothers care for their foster children as if they were. Foster mothers have to be strong and more selfless than many may realize.

Being a foster mom isn’t about taking in a child and letting them go, it is about being willing to give all your love to a child who may not be getting it from anywhere else, and with every foster family, there is a unique set of circumstances.

Foster moms treasure pictures, so any gift that resources pictures is bound to be well-loved among foster moms. Foster parenting can be especially challenging for the fear of being detached. The job of a foster parent is to love and care for the children who are not yours, as if they were yours, knowing they could be taken away from you at any time. It is emotionally draining.

With this dedication, love and selflessness in mind, consider a Mother’s Day gift that expresses your gratitude and recognizes the commitment of foster mothers this Mother’s Day. Etsy offers some great suggestions for gifts any foster mother will love.

For the Adoptive Mom

Why adopt? It is something many never understand, but adopting is a life choice that is only made by a select group of caring individuals. You need to have a heart for it. It may not be for everyone, but it is so important to appreciate the people who have embraced this commitment.

Adoption is an opportunity to gain a new purpose in your life while investing in the stability, love and nurturing of a different one. The decision you made wasn’t just to adopt. The decision was to deal with the agony of waiting, the financial means of the process and the time that separates you from hearing of, seeing and holding your baby for the first time.


Just because you adopt a child, it doesn’t make you any less of a parent or mother. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to express that. Mother's Day gifts for adoptive mothers don’t vary from the traditional “birth mother” Mother’s Day gifts. However, if your mother and your family embrace the beauty of adoption, there are gift options made for moms like yours.

Amazon has a full list of thoughtful gifts for adoptive parents . Of all the people in the world, your lives were chosen to be connected for the long haul. That’s special and worth celebrating.

For the Mom Who Chose You

Not all moms can fit into a specific box. There are women across the world who may have never given birth and some who were quite literally given the responsibility of motherhood. Some may have never even considered having children, or perhaps, they may have never thought they would be able to. All of which are still mothers.


Motherhood isn’t about checked boxes. The process of motherhood isn’t always black and white. Motherhood is about choosing your child’s well-being every day. It is about sacrificing time, sleep and sometimes sanity to ensure your child has everything they need. It is about investing your life to the betterment of theirs and a forever commitment to love, hold and cherish them till your last breath.

There are plenty of moms out there that chose the title in untraditional ways. It could be a grandmother raising her grandchild, a sister raising her siblings, an aunt raising her nieces, a stepmother who stepped up to love her stepchildren as her own or a father juggling the roles of both parents.

Due to the stories of each of these moms (and they are moms. There is no need for debate.), the gifts you may choose for them on Mother’s Day will probably vary. However, any of these specific mom groups are bound to be very appreciative and touched by whatever Mother’s Day gift you choose to give them.

We choose to recognize all mothers this Mother’s Day because they so lovingly choose their children, every day. These gift ideas for the mom who chose you is an older resource, but it is just as relevant of a gift list for any of these moms. These gifts are bound to make the mom that chose you feel special.

There are some very unique and not so traditional moms in the world. The world’s oldest woman to give birth was Rosanna Dalla Corte. She gave birth to her son at the age of 63 in Italy in 1994. Also, in Italy, super mom Signora Carmelina Fedele gave birth to the world's largest newborn in 1955. He weighed in at 22 pounds and 8 ounces!

For the moms who understand the struggle of an overbooked schedule that never slows down, you have to have major respect for Mrs. Vassilyev of Russia. She birthed 69 children between the years 1725 and 1765- 69 children!

All these facts reiterate how resilient mothers are, and how every mom has a unique story that deserves to be celebrated. Let’s face it! What even is a traditional mother?

Moms are unique. What makes your mom unique helped mold you into the person you are. Your story may not be perfect, but it’s yours.

No matter who your mom is and where she falls under the umbrella of motherhood, our florists at Market Way Flowers and Gifts in Buckingham, PA, are here to help Mother’s Day gifting go off without a hitch with personalized gifts to make mom feel special any time of the year. We’ll deliver these beautiful flower arrangements to mom the same day and straight to her door.

Leave no mom left unappreciated this Mother’s Day. We have extra special gift options for the mom (s) that mean so much to you!

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