Spooky Flower Arrangements for Halloween

With the year’s scariest time just around the corner, you and your family may be starting to think about spooky ways of decorating your houses. You are probably thinking of the unique ways you can adorn your walls, tabletops and doorsteps with spiders, witches and ghouls. After all, you wouldn’t want to disappoint any trick-or-treaters or visitors to your Halloween party.

While paper, Styrofoam and pumpkins will come in handy to craft your bone-chilling Halloween arrangements, we are here to tell you why you might want to consider flowers this year. Flowers come in a variety of different shades, including autumnal oranges, yellows and rust. Marigolds, daisies, lilies and chrysanthemums will wonderfully complement all your traditional decorations. Halloween flower arrangements are sure to take your decorations to the next level this year. Not only will your decorations look amazing, but your home will also be smelling pleasant throughout the festivities.

There are many ways you can incorporate Halloween-themed flower arrangements into the spookiest night of the year. We have a few ideas that you just might love.


Halloween Gift Baskets

If there are any loved ones you will be visiting to celebrate Halloween this year, you could give them a boo-tiful flower gift basket. Who wouldn’t love to be greeted with a colorful, gift basket bursting with flowers in vibrant yellows and oranges?

You could get creative and make a gift basket yourself. You could fill a small basket with some of their favorite kinds of candy and fasten a bunch of calendulas and dahlias or any other flower of your choice. Also, add in some fake spiders and cobwebs here and there to make it more chilling. You are sure to make your loved ones’ Halloween a mystical one this way.

Candy Bouquets

There is another Halloween candy flower arrangement you could consider. Similar to flower gift baskets, this would also make a perfect gift to any family member or friend for Halloween. Pick the spookiest vase you can find and place a good mix of fresh flowers and candies inside. To make sure all your chocolates and toffees are visible amidst the flowers, you can glue them on to stick before tucking them into the vase.

If you have the time and wish to be more adventurous, you could make a bigger bouquet to hand out to trick or treaters when they knock on your door. This way, you will be giving them a memorable treat for Halloween.

Flower Wreaths

Want to make the entrance to your home as ominous as it gets this Halloween? You could make your own flower wreath and hang it on your front door. For a scary Halloween wreath, secure a bunch of flowers in orange, yellow and red hues onto a twig wreath. To complete the look, add in a few dry twigs and branches, preferably painted in black and maybe even a cobweb or two. Anyone knocking on your door will be convinced that you are up to no good this Halloween.

Similarly, you could make a flower crown to accompany your Halloween costume. Big orange roses and twigs would look magical in this case. No doubt you will be the most stylish witch in town.

Pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns

Nothing screams Halloween louder than a bunch of creepy jack-o-lanterns. If you aren’t looking to break tradition this year, here is an easy and exciting way to spice up your lantern game this Halloween. You could set up a couple of bright pumpkins at your front porch or indoors.

To further mystify the look of your standard carved out lanterns, you could add a few pumpkins with flowers attached (or glued on) to them. Fully cover them with chrysanthemums and daisies to make them truly shine.

Another idea is to empty out the insides of the pumpkins (or even any other types of squash) and use them as replacement of vases throughout your home. Fill them with dark roses or dahlias and let them stand on your tables. Accompany them with some spooky-looking skulls and they will be a treat for all to see.

We hope that our flower arrangement ideas for Halloween give you some inspiration. If you’re looking make your Halloween truly awesome using some of our wicked ideas, feel free to contact us at Market Way Flowers and Gifts serving areas around Buckingham, PA to talk about our fresh flower options.

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